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Ground Tackle:

When we bought Arkyla, she still had her original yard-fitted 20kg CQR attached to 40m of 8mm chain; we considered this set up inadequate, especially considering our intent to regularly lie to Mediterranean anchorages that are often characteristically deep.

One of our first refit decisions was, therefore, to replace the CQR with a 33kg Rocna Vulcan anchor (the original Rocna design will not fit under the bowsprit due to the integral roll bar).  We also replaced the warp with 80m of Aqua7 G70 chain; this remained 8mm mainly the the reason that we would not have to replace the windlass, but the extra strength of the G70 means we remain confident in its integrity.

Rocna 33kg Vulcan anchor.
Anchor snubber.

Lazarette storage space is not great in the Regina 43, so our only alternative ground tackle is limited to a Fortress anchor with 5m of chain.  e use this in association with a 56m 35mm Ankarolina Flat Anchor Line set on a reel on the stern starboard quarter.

To complement the new anchor, we also had a custom snubber/bridle made up (from Jimmy Green Marine) comprising 6m of 14mm Octoplait line, anti-chafe webbing, Unimer in-line compensators, and a Mantus chain hook.

Ankarolina Flat anchor line.
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